Vegies and body parts…

I had a fabulous conversation with my niece, Miss 7, about how different vegetables are good for different body parts.  The funny part was sometimes the vegies looked like the body part – other times it took some imagine but it was a good convo.

Here is the low down on our vegie discussion.

Carrots & Eyes

Yup, you heard right, carrots do in fact help your eyes.  It’s the high amount of beta carotene, which is used to generate vitamin A, which in turn is vital for eye health.  After a bit of discussion, we decided they kind of looked like eyes with their darker centres being similar to pupils.

Ironically zeaxanthin & lutein, in kale & spinach actually make them a better choice for eye health – but we couldn’t make them look like eyes (not even with a 7year old imagination on the job)!

Broccoli & Bones

Broccoli is a winner in the calcium stakes.  Although spinach has a higher amount of calcium, you body doesn’t absorb it as easy.  We decided that the broccoli stood up like a tree, all strong & tall – so it was like a skeleton helping us to stand up straight.  Work with me here 😉

Sweet Potatoes & Skin

Sweet potatoes have a natural antioxidant, vitamin E, as well as high levels of vitamin C.  This means the humble sweet potato helps with protection from sun damage, lowering development of wrinkles & the production of collagen.  This combo helps with keeping your skin soft & supple.  Admittedly this one did involve a bit of squinting, but we thought it looked a bit like skin due to the relative smoothness of the skin of the sweet potato.

Green Leafys & the Brain.

Kale, silver beet both have that wrinkly appearance kinda like cartoon pictures of brains.  Although cauliflower deserves a special mention, even though it’s not green.  It’s the vitamin K which improves cognitive function & decreases inflammation & oxidative stress.  Kale particularly has vitamins A, C, E & selenium as well – a powerhouse nutrients for the brain.

Red Tomatoes for your Heart.

A little less imagination required for this one, a cut tomato does look like there are different parts to it.  These are not only rich in potassium; they are full of carotenoid lycopene both of which are great for heart health.  Tomato juice is great for blood vessels & reducing ‘bad’ cholesterol. 

We often have cherry tomatoes growing, which the Miss loves to pick when visiting (although not all make it back to the kitchen).

Carrots & Hair.

This was pretty entertaining as we discussed what carrots could look like with different hairstyles!  It is actually any orange or yellow vegetables which contain beta carotene, which in turn is great for your hair.  It worth noting that the vitamin E in root vegetables helps assist hair with protection against sun damage.

It was a fun convo, with plenty of turns, lots of imagination plus a tad of education….but mainly giggles & fun!

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Unsure, where the convo would have gone with dragonfruit?!
Photo by Marissa Rodriguez on Unsplash

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