Need a Social Media Detox

We spend a HUGE amount of time on our phones – seriously crazy amounts.  A lot of the time, we don’t even register we have picked it up to check, because it is such a part of daily life.

It can keep us happy & entertained.  However, there are negative effects such as the constant pull to check phones, anxiety, even feeling a bit scattered – so, ultimately feeling more disconnected – not good. Have you ever considered a social media detox?  It’s a thing.

It is important to have boundaries set for yourself.  Sometimes you need to take a time out in the name of self-love & mental health.

Crazy time of year, start the self love now

Need some ideas?

Get outside, go for a walk – without your phone!

Use the airplane mode on your phone regularly, try a 7pm switchover.  As a bonus it will also help to protect you from excessive blue light which will affect your sleep cycles.  There is a face book post coming up on blue light shortly – keep an eye out.

Go old school & dig out that alarm clock.  Your phone can be in the kitchen recharging & it won’t be the first thing you touch in the morning (so no temptation for a quick peak)!

Pick up the phone to talk to someone, better still catch up in person share a meal or have a coffee.

Try to designate a phone free day each week, Sundays work well for most people.  Switch off & talk, enjoy life – without your phone.

Eating in front of the TV is bad (we have all heard that) but eating whilst scrolling on your phone (or computer) is pretty much the same deal.  Sit at the table, enjoy your meal, your digestion will thank you.

The hardest thing to let go will be the reflex to answer emails & comments immediately. It will be well worth the effort in terms of your own mental health, think of it as self-care.

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Published by Shân

I am incredibly passionate about food and its healing power – it is pretty amazing how what you eat affects how your body works! In fact, I was so fascinated, I went & got myself a degree in it – a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine). Now in all honesty I don’t eat or live a perfect lifestyle, nor will I ever pretend I do. Realistically I know you won’t be perfect either. And that’s OK. As a Clinical Nutritionist I focus on what we eat and how this has an impact on our health and wellness – everyday.

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