Why Choose Castile Soap?

Soap – there are so many choices out there but they are not all created equal.  Are you after a soap that is made with pure, all natural, chemical free ingredients?  OK, this is it 😊, you have found the one…congratulations!

Why is it called Castile?  Originally it was made in the Castile region of Spain.  Traditionally it was made of olive oil.  However, now it can be made with coconut or hemp oils, sometimes even avocado or almond oil.  It is these oils which give the soap it’s lathering, moisturising, not to mention cleansing goodness.

OK, so you have seen it in the shops, but how does it differ to any other soap? 

  • Vegetable based – so there is no animal fat (Vegan friendly).
  • Natural, nontoxic & biodegradable – no synthetic ingredients (think environmentally friendly).
  • Great for the little kiddiewinks.
  • Available in bar or liquid which makes it useable in heaps of way.  Yup, a genuine multitasker!
  • The potency doesn’t diminish with time, so you can buy in bulk & save. Winning!

OK, it is a soap so I’m going to call it a given you would bathe with it (I know you are already OK with that) so what the multi-tasking stuff?

Hand Soap Dispensers

Use a foaming dispenser, fill ¾ with distilled water & the remaining ¼ with Castile liquid soap.  Add a few drops of tea tree essential oil for its antibacterial properties & lavender essential oil for fragrance – or of course, use an already scented Castile soap.

DIY Shampoo

For about a weeks’ worth of shampoo – mix 7 tbspn Castile liquid soap with 6 tsp. coconut milk & ½ tsp. coconut oil, store in the fridge.  A great option if you have sensitive skin, as it is nontoxic.   FYI if you have coloured hair, this won’t be for you, as it will strip some of your colour.

DIY Face wash

Use a foaming dispenser, add ¼ cup of Castile liquid soap & fill the remainder with distilled water.  Add a couple of drops of both tea tree & frankincense essential oils, both of these are great antibacterials & help reduce acne.

For shaving

Combine the Castile liquid soap with some olive oil (added bonus of moisturising from the olive oil).  Work into a lather in your wet hands, apply to the required area & off you go!

Face about 10 drops / Arm pits approx. 3 drops / Legs roughly ½ tsp.

Fancy a foot bath

In a tub of warm/hot water add 1 tsp. of Castile liquid soap along with a few drops of tea tree & lavender essential oils.  Soak those tootsies for 10-20 minutes.  Even try one of the already scented Castile soap options – there are plenty to choose from. Oh, I like to put some marbles in the bottom for a massage bonus.

Hmm, what about around the house?

DIY dish soap

Easy just replace store bought commercial with Castile liquid soap.  You will only need a few drops for sparkling dishes.

Laundry detergent

Depending on the efficiency of your washing machine, add ½ cup Castile liquid soap (use less if it is more efficient).  A great option if you tend towards rashes from the store-bought detergents; & as there is no exposure to harsh chemicals your clothes will likely last it bit longer.

DIY all-purpose cleaner

I love a multitasker in a spray bottle – OK a multitasker full stop!  Fill it a ¼ with white vinegar, add a squirt of Castile liquid soap & a few drops of orange or lemon or tea tree essential oil.  A safe & natural, but effective household spray.

Glass/window cleaner

This one is pretty old school.  In a spray bottle – mix ½ cup white vinegar, 2 tsp. Castile liquid soap, a couple of drops of lemon essential oil, & 2 cups of distilled warm water.  Shake it to blend it, spray the windows & clean off with newspaper.

Makeup brush cleaner

I try to wash my make up brush weekly, but sometimes it’s more a 2-week thing.  In a cup add some warm water, a few drops of Castile liquid soap.  Initially rinse your brushes in water, then sit in the cup for about 10minutes (perfect time for a cup of tea I think).  Rinse brushes again then sit them on the countertop/window sill to air dry

I like Dr Bronner’s, it is well established, probably the best known & I find it is the easiest to get at the store or online.  There are other options available of course if you wanted to find an alternate.

There are loads of options with Dr Bronner’s Castile soaps

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