Get Moving!

Grab everyone in the family or a group of friends, get them all involved.  Combine fit & active activities for big people & little people -which everyone can enjoy & participate in.  The benefits are great – social skills (teamwork & fairness); & physical skills (co-ordination, spatial awareness & agility); plus, it burns off energy whilst you have a bit of fun!

Need some ideas:

Try some games you played as a kid.

What games did you love?  There are some classic backyard games, that usually just require some room to run around.  Here are a few that were popular in our house growing up.

Stick in the Mud:  One player is ‘it’ AKA the tagger.  They need to chase the other players to try & tag them.  If you do get tagged, you are stuck in the mud (basically, you need to freeze on the spot).  To get unstuck, another free player needs to touch you to untag you.  If you move before you become unstuck you are the new ‘it’ & now the tagger.

Simon Says: A definite favourite in our house.  One player is ‘Simon’ & they will start by saying “Simon says …..” followed by an action which the whole group needs to do.  As an example, “Simon says hands on your head!”. If Simon makes a request without starting it with “Simon says”, then anyone who does the action is out of the game.  The last person in the game, is the new ‘Simon’ to start the game over & play again.

Statues: A single player is designated to stand at the end of the game area & turn away.  The remaining players are assembled at the opposite end & will move forward whilst the nominated player has their back turned.  When designated player turns back to face the majority, everyone must be still like a statue.  If they are spotted moving they need to go back to the start.  First person to make it across the area wins.

Hide & Seek:  A true all-rounder for inside or outside which can be played any time of the year.  No explanation needed for this one.

Love a Dance?

Use that imagination to combine creativity & activity for a family performance.  If you like more of a freestyle event, try a living room dance party.  The wilder the dance moves the better!

A Scavenger Hunt.

We loved these & they easily add into a walk or camping trip.  Doable any time of the year, inside or out.  These can be great fun & are easily themed to suit any occasion – camping, birthdays, walks, whatever.

A-Z Hunt: Players search for items that begin with each letter of the alphabet, in order from A-Z.  If there are phones available, pictures can be taken to identify each letter item.

Treasure Hunt: Players are given a list of ‘treasures’ to collect. THINK: a dried leaf, a shell, a Y shaped stick, a red flower.  Alternatively, it can be all about mindful experiences.  THINK: listening to the ocean, smelling something sweet, watching seagulls soar, writing your name in the sand, or jumping a wave.  Remember to keep things age appropriate & safe.

Another idea for a scavenger hunt.

I Spy…

Going to the park, on a nature walk or at the beach can include a game of I spy.  It encourages talking & as well as being aware of your environment.

Love Backyard Sport?

Make some new rules!  Adults play with their non dominant hand, the dog caught the ball – they get the points, ball goes over the fence – 10 star jumps for everyone.  If there is an umpire – combine Simon Says.

It is about getting out, joining in, having fun & getting moving.

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