Improving Mental Health at Work.

Honestly, we spend so much of our time at work, it really is a huge part of our lives.  With this in mind, it is good to do a self-check regularly regarding stress & productivity levels.  Sometimes it is just a few changes to make a difference to feeling happier at work.

Achievable goals.

OK, I admit I do love a list & seeing a lot of incompletes at the end of the day is not a good feeling.  Each day make a list you can achieve & divide any bigger tasks into sections, bite size pieces if you like – sounds much more achievable right.

Time wasters.

There are some in every workplace.  Often our work environments are busy & there are certain tasks (OK, sometimes people) that are, shall we say, not at the top of the favourite list.  Do the task efficiently, then move onto an aspect of your job you do enjoy.  Don’t procrastinate about it.

Yup, we have ALL been there! Image source: Gemma Correll for Evernote

Set boundaries.

Diarise time especially for you!  This allows you to recharge & not think about work.  Do this on a daily basis, unplug from that phone/email so YOU have a break.  This needs to be something that helps YOU unwind.  It may be a walk or swim, time with the family, or reading a book – do whatever suits YOU.

Talk about your day.

This has several benefits: it not only allows you to process daily events & get support; you can also make yourself accountable to a friend or family member with a coffee or phone call.

Get your steps up.

Put this on your to do list every day.  Start small, with a walk around the block at lunch; or walking to a farther bus stop on your way to/from work.  It is a great way to get some fresh air into your lungs which will make you feel better & think clearer.

Take your breaks.

It is super easy to get caught eating your lunch “el desko” or getting stuck in meetings but don’t let it be a habit.  You need this short break to re charge for the afternoon workload.

There are of course, other possibilities such as flexible work hours which allow for study or pick kids up from school.  Some workplaces allow headphones, so you can listen to music & not be distracted by office chatter.  Everyone is different in their needs & of course it will depend on your workplace, but these are a few ideas to check out.

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