Pimping Smoothies

Smoothies taste great BUT did you realise they are also a great way to hide vegetables & other nutrient rich ingredients.   Yup, which means they can be a great option for your fussy eaters – be they little, big or in between.

Base smoothie ingredients

🥛 Milk – whatever you like for me it is an almond or coconut, but I like to mix it up for variety so it can also be dairy or oat, whatever.

🍌 Frozen is great for a luscious texture. Try banana chunks, berries or surprisingly even zucchini will thicken it to a smoothie consistency!

🥑 Half an avocado or a spoonful of nut butter for good fats.

Make the main flavour whatever works in your house but add in some healthy extras too!  Here are a few easy add ins to try.

💡 Tahini – great for calcium.

💡 Steamed & cooled cauliflower, pumpkin or sweet potato – for some hidden vege.

💡 Chia seeds or hemp seeds – great options with good fats, protein & omegas.

Start out with small amounts of your extras & build it up once they are familiar with the flavour. 

Photo by Lidya Nada on Unsplash

To get you started, here is a fav in our house.  Honestly no idea where this has come from but it’s a great way to get in some extra vege in.

Mango, macadamia & oat smoothie

(tastes like a mango Weiss bar….. mmmm, delish!)

🥤 ½ cup mango cheeks, frozen

🥤 ½ banana, frozen

🥤 ½ zucchini, frozen

🥤 ¼ cup cauliflower, steamed & frozen

🥤 ¼ cup macadamia nuts

🥤 ½ avocado

🥤 1 tbspn plain Greek yoghurt

🥤 250ml oat milk

➡️ Add it all into a blender & blitz until you get the desired consistency.

PROTIP if you use frozen stuff you won’t need ice cubes, just make sure you cut into bite size bits before you freeze them.

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I am incredibly passionate about food and its healing power – it is pretty amazing how what you eat affects how your body works! In fact, I was so fascinated, I went & got myself a degree in it – a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine). Now in all honesty I don’t eat or live a perfect lifestyle, nor will I ever pretend I do. Realistically I know you won’t be perfect either. And that’s OK. As a Clinical Nutritionist I focus on what we eat and how this has an impact on our health and wellness – everyday.

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