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There is no doubt, COVID-19 has caused a lot of angst for a lot of people.  Some of it is controllable, but sadly not all.  It has bought with it a different rhythm of life.  For sure, it is a different period of time & not your choice – but it is what we have been dealt to deal with. 

Honestly, I’ve read some great articles on how to deal with it.  I found these sources the best with relevant information.

👍 North Brisbane Psychologists, Brisbane.

👍 Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, Melbourne.

👍 Dr Eileen M Feliciano, NY.

👍 Jon Bailey, ex US Navy submariner.

I am aiming to do a couple of tips each day.  I actually wrote these last week, but wanted to try them out myself, yup now 7days into quarantine & I have not left the house except to walk to end of the driveway to collect mail or peg out the washing.

Here is what has worked for me.

Have a routine.

OK, this is big & super important – routine!  Usually there is some sort of rhythm to your day. 

Maybe it looks a bit like: get up, 30min walk, head off to work, grab a coffee at lunchtime with a friend, attend work meetings, trip to the supermarket to get dinner ingredients, make some dinner & clean up, TV, bath & bed.  Whatever you do, it is has a rhythm which is a routine & it will vary from person to person.

One tip I read, which has worked really well is to ensure you schedule in time for yourself to do something; time to be part of the household group; & finally some private time for yourself. 

Write schedules up for you (& kids, if that is the go) make a schedule.  Yup ‘plan your day’, include work, sleep, exercise, meals & some personal time.  Remember to test it out – you may need to tweak it a little, so it is workable.

Plan it – in a diary, on post its, write on the mirror…what ever you like!
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Extra time in your day?

If you have ended up working from home (or you are just now at home), you will probably have nabbed yourself a bit of extra time as you no longer have to commute.  Use this time to add something to your routine which will help you look after yourself.  Honestly there have been loads of lists come up on the internet with suggestions. 

Some of the more regular suggestions I’ve seen come up on social media include exercise, relaxation techniques such as yoga or meditation, listen to music, make some art, learn a language or musical instrument, writing a book or keeping a journal, even starting a vegie garden.  Whatever you fancy now is the time to try out, there is probably an internet option to help you. 

The pace of what you choose it up to you – if you are feeling overwhelmed, perhaps just sitting in the sun & reading is enough for you.  Whatever you choose, add it to your routine, whilst you have time – who knows, it may become a new passion.

This link contains other links, with loads of ideas.  Take a peek!

For sure, this new lifestyle is an adjustment but remember it is not just you but everyone.  Yes, it’s new & a tad odd – however getting a routine in place will assist with the adjustment.  Bottom line, it is temporary – no one knows how long this will last & whilst you are in isolation it will look daunting (because you can’t see the end).  Remember to remind yourself this is not a forever thing.

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