Get Up, Get Dressed and Grab Some Exercise.

Yup, COVID-19 is disrupting a lot of lives.  Some issues are easy to roll with, however others not so much.  It is a different period of time & not your first choice. 

Mental health is going to be a big issue during this time of isolation.  I’ve read some great articles on how to deal with it.  I found these sources the best with relevant information.

👍 North Brisbane Psychologists, Brisbane.

👍 Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, Melbourne.

👍 Dr Eileen M Feliciano, NY.

👍 Jon Bailey, ex US Navy submariner.

This is the second in my isolation series.  I am now over a week without leaving the house – these are some things I have found useful.

Get up & get dressed.

As tempting as it is to laze the day away in your jimmy jams, regular routines help with identity, self-confidence & purpose. 

Get up, get dressed & get get into the day!
Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

Keep your normal routine of getting up, have a shower or wash your face, brush those teeth, shave or put on makeup.  As for the actual getting dressed, put on whatever you feel comfortable in, if that is bright colours – great, if you are a t-shirt & shorts person – do it, prefer those comfy & a singlet top – sure. 

PS this is one I need to work on, totally guilty of staying in those jimmy jams too long.


This I have seen come up a lot!  Aim for 30minutes a day – if you can do it in fresh air, even better.  Exercise is a natural antidepressant, yup it’s true being active will help increase your energy levels & assist with sleep. 

At the moment I am loving Joe Wick at but Dan & Kelli are also great at  Do whatever suits you & your health levels.  Even just plain old walking will be a good choice, just do something.

If these don’t hold your attention there are numerous other options available to you on you tube, alternatively just crank up your favourite music & shake your booty.  Your choice.

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