Reach Out to People and Invest In Your Community

Lucky you guys, this is an additional one today.  OK I get it everything is different & it has you rattled.  There is so much going on & let’s face it, the changes seem to be coming fast + they are not always easy to understand or implement.  This can make it easy to feel overwhelmed & let’s face it anxious.

There is a lot of great information being put out, this is a combo of what has worked for me. Remember: it is not just your mental health being impacted but also those around you. 

👍 North Brisbane Psychologists, Brisbane.

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👍 Jon Bailey, ex US Navy submariner.

Here are some things I have found useful whilst in isolation.

Reach out to people.

We have so many different types of communication open to us – whether it be phone calls, messaging, skype or zoom, even face time… bottom line – there are options!

Some people deal with change OK, others not so much & let’s face it with so many other changes happening, it can be very hard to adapt well & quickly.  Try to call or contact family members &/or friends, keep in touch.  It is super easy to feel lonely & isolated. 

Phone a friend…now!
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I have been messaging friends who live by themselves, friends who are divorced or widowed, single Mums (or Dads).  Sometimes a message or call can be their only contact with someone else all day.  However, you choose to make contact – just reach out.  It may be a virtual cuppa, or perhaps a running game of scrabble whatever you choose this will help everyone feel connected & supported – including you.

Your Community

There are some amazing things happening in local communities.  Remember to watch out for these!  Find ways to help each other sometimes it will be a small thing, however it can sometimes be a big thing. 

Some heart-warming gestures I’ve seen locally to me include a neighbour with an abundance of fruit/vege giving to other neighbours, people shopping for the elderly friends / neighbours, making meal packs for those in financial hardship, even a local restaurant offering additional services to enable a one stop shop (bread/milk) as well as starting delivery to a limited area.  I could put at least one name to every one of these.  It fosters a sense of community, which honestly is a lovely thing!

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