Easter break

For my crew, this usually involves a family catch up at some point during the break.  A cheese board is always a hit with young & old at our place.  Sadly it will be a much smaller affair this year, with in house peeps only.

Easily tailored to any size group – small or large.
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🍴 Need some tips?

OK, the basics – a board or platter & a cheese knife.  The ideal is to ensure there is enough room to cut from the wedge of cheese.  On the flip side don’t make it a monster board you can’t lift or a size you need to spend your whole pay to fill it!

🧀 Cheeses

Start with a hard & soft cheese for texture.  Plus, something more unusual, maybe smoked cheese, one with peppercorns, possibly a blue.

🥖 To serve

A variety of crackers works great.  Try some water crackers, lavash bread broken up, or even some freshly sliced sourdough.  Remember to keep it plain, it’s all about the cheese after all.

🥨 Salty or sour things

Balance the flavours with some salty or sour items on the platter.  Perhaps some finely sliced prosciutto, maybe some pickles, or pistachios & almonds.  Olives are always nice but make sure there is somewhere for the seeds & toothpicks to go. Even a relish or chutney can be a great addition – my favs are beetroot relish (check out my last blog post) or a balsamic onion chutney. 

🍇 Sweet things

Figs are always a winner on a cheese plate & so are grapes, but use whatever fruit is in season.  Berries & cherries, apples or apricots there are plenty of options to choose from.  Another great idea is a small piece of honeycomb with some local honey.

Whatever you choose, it doesn’t need to be huge just include a few different flavours & textures into the mix.  Then sit back & enjoy the company! 😊

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