Gut Health & Constipation?

A lot of people have constipation issues & many don’t even realise they are issues nor how bad it is for their health.  Basically, sometimes your normal, just isn’t normal.  Now I talk about this a lot.  Why?  It is a great indicator of how your gut is working.

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Some conditions can & do cause constipation, so these need to be ruled out.  My post is more about diet related causes which you may not have even given thought to.


Hydration plays a big factor – we are approximately 60-65% water.  So, naturally we need fluids to keep everything moving.  Make sure you are drinking plenty of water.  Mix up what you are choosing to hydrate with.  This ensures you are also getting some electrolytes in also.  A couple of my favourite options are some bone broth, or half mineral water with half water. 

Basically, if you think of a water slide with water & a water slide without water, you get the idea of why it is so important to keep hydrated to keep things moving. 


Whole fruit (not dried) & vege have more fibre than grains & cereals.  A pretty cool little bit of info & another great reason to include a big variety of fruit & vege in your diet.  It is worth noting that they also are hydrated or put another way contain water, which helps your bowels move along – so a double win for fibre. 


This impacts your gut health A LOT.  Basically, your poop is linked with how your body is handling anxiety.  Some people notice their bowels seize up a bit causing constipation.  On the flip side some notice their bowel spasm, causing a looser motion or diarrhoea.  There are even some who just flip from one to another, yup stress causes a lot of craziness to happen with your digestion.  None of these are ideal.  Recognising your stress & helping how your nervous system deals with it, can play a big part in digestive health & consequently your bowel function.

Convenience or fast foods

Yup, they are indeed super convenient & fast but honestly, they are pretty much always low in fibre & there is a part of the problem.

Fried foods

No big surprises here, they are full of fat, no fibre & often hard to digest.  The problem is if something is hard to digest it moves slowly through your body, which in turn often means lots of water is taken out of the food on the way, making it dry & hard. 

Coffee or Tea

Definitely delish but in small amounts.  Why?  Both contain caffeine which is a diuretic & whilst for some it promotes a bathroom trip; for some it has the opposite effect.  Every cup of tea or coffee needs the equivalent of a non caffeinated liquid to keep you hydrated.


This definitely dehydrates you & anyone who has suffered a hangover will not disagree.  Why?  The alcohol causes gastrointestinal inflammation, then upsets the liver trying to process everything, which in turn causes constipation. 


It is super easy to grab a loaf of bread at the supermarket but often they are made with heavily refined flours which are made from inflammatory grains.  The high levels of processing also remove majority of the fibre.  Often, grains can trigger inflammation which in turn causes digestive problems.  This means the food doesn’t move easily through the digestion process, impacting your bowel function. 

Often people have diets high in bread without realising it.  As an example: toast with poached eggs at breakfast, a salad sandwich at lunch, some raisin toast for afternoon tea, then possibly hearty soup & a roll for dinner.

Cakes & Pastries

A lot of baked sweeties are made with refined sugar & high in fats; plus, they are low in fibre & hydration. 


High in protein & full of good stuff but low in fibre.  This is an easy one to work around, just ensure you have them with a food that is high fibre – easy peasey.  For example, love a cooked brekky (& honestly who doesn’t?) – add some dark coloured vege (spinach or broccoli), maybe add some beans in as well.

Some things, which people do often on a daily basis, can in turn build to cause a potential problem.  Just something to think about regarding your diet & it’s impact.

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