Scavenger Hunts

Today in the US it is national scavenger hunt day…pretty cool, huh?  These kept us entertained for hours growing up.  We loved them & they were easily added into a walks or camping trips, plus doable any time of the year, inside or out. 

These can be great fun & are easily themed to suit any occasion – camping, birthdays, walks, whatever.  The best thing is they are not just for kids.

Need some ideas?

A-Z Hunt: Players search for items that begin with each letter of the alphabet, in order from A-Z.  If there are phones available, pictures can be taken to identify each letter item.

Treasure Hunt: Players are given a list of ‘treasures’ to collect.

THINK: a dried leaf, a shell, a Y shaped stick, a red flower.  Alternatively, it can be all about mindful experiences. 

THINK: listening to the ocean, smelling something sweet, watching seagulls soar, writing your name in the sand, or jumping a wave.  Remember to keep things age appropriate & safe.

An idea list to get you started!

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