Stock, broth or bone broth??

Often people assume these are the same & it is true, they are a bit same:same with little variations.

OK, so what IS the same?

✅ Using leftover veggies, meat, bones, salt, herbs & spices
✅ Simmering in water for great flavour.
✅ Straining & keeping the liquid.

Alright, the DIFFERENCES?

🥄 Water, veggies, predominantly meat (sometimes bones) – all simmered.
🥄 Shorter cooking time 45minutes – 2hours.
🥄 Strained & seasoned.
➡ Usually stays liquid when chilled.

🥄 Water simmered with veggies & bones.
🥄 Sometimes bones are roasted, sometimes meat is still on the bone (loads of extra flavour & goodness).
🥄 Not seasoned.
🥄 Cooked 4-6hours.
➡ Allowing for gelatin from the bones to be extracted, making it thick &, well, gelatinous when chilled (THINK: soft jelly).

BONE BROTH (the combo deal – a mix of broth & stock)
🥄 Generally, a base like stock & using roasted meat &/or bones.
🥄 Cooks for more than 24hours.
🥄 Slow cook the bones, or add veggies, spices & herbs for extra nutrition.
➡In the fridge it will separate into layers (fat rises to the top & ‘jelly’ layer is on the bottom).

✅ All need to be stored in the fridge.
✅ Layer of fat will stop any oxidisation (basically, its natures glad wrap).
✅ HINT: Freeze into stock cubes, great option if you want a small amounts.

Stock is super easy to make, very versatile & great for using up limp vege.
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What’s so good about bone broth? AKA why are people talking about this?

It’s been consumed by different cultures over thousands of years because it is amazing for your health.  Yup it’s absolutely loaded with benefits!  Nana was absolutely getting it right if she gave you this – especially if you were sick.

🤷🏽‍♀️ Why
Simmering parts of the animal which can’t be eaten directly (such as bones) in a liquid means collagen, gelatin, amino acids, vitamins & minerals are released. This liquid is a nutrient rich, dense broth which is super easy to digest.

OK, so what does it help with? 👇🏽👇🏽

🌿 Heals a leaky gut
The gelatine helps to soothe & heal the gut lining thus improving it, which in turn heals it.  It’s hugely beneficial for any digestion problems or intestinal inflammation.

🌿 Helps with sleep
The amino acid, (glycine), helps with a better quality of sleep PLUS it improves memory & brain function.  All whilst you’re catching some zzzz….love that!

🌿 Boosts immune
Both the gelatin & collagen support the gut, yup got that – its already been said. However, it is also rich in compounds which also support the immune system (glutamine, glycine, proline & collagen). Winning! 🏁

🌿 Nutrient absorption
An easy to digest form of bio available nutrients PLUS it helps with the absorption of nutrients from other foods.

🌿 Fabulous for skin, nails, hair, teeth & joint health
It’s rich in collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin sulphates & all of these nourish your skin, nails, hair, teeth & joints.

🌿 Helps with detoxification
The glycine helps cells to detox chemicals & toxins, yup – it helps your liver out.

🌿 Adrenal health
Stress, it affects our bodies & mind, this in turn overworks your adrenals & uses up what nourishes them…oh no! Problem solved adrenals – bone broth has got you covered.

Yup, bone broth definitely has the goods for improving & maintaining your health.

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