Be an Active Listener

We have all been in those convos where the other person was listening but not really listening.  To be an active listener is an amazing skill, which everyone can gain BUT it does take time, energy & practice.

Need some tips?

⭐️ Be present

I know it sounds incredibly easy, but you need to pay attention & immerse yourself in the conversation.  You can’t just tune in for the highlights, you need to listen to the other person’s story or point of view.  It is also a great idea to ask if they need advice or just to be heard.

⭐️ Wait & Listen

Often people want to show they are listening by jumping in & adding thoughts or an experience.  In reality it is redirecting the conversation.  So, just wait your turn – watch for facial expressions & body language, as your cues.  Listen for the main points of what is being said & ask questions to deepen your understanding.

⭐️ Learn

I was once told active listening is about learning.  I believe this has an element of truth, if you want to take the conversation further sometimes you need to find out more information.  Summarise what you learnt in the conversation, to check your understanding is clear. Take a mental note of anything you want to look into further or anything that piqued your interest or curiosity.

⭐️ Research

If something in a conversation did catch your attention, check it out further.  There are loads of resources available to us: google, books, podcasts (just check your source is legitimate & reliable).  If an article was shared with you – read it & let them know what your thought in your next convo.

⭐️ Ideas can change

Sometimes you can enter a convo with one idea, but it can change.  Being an active listener means listening ideas which may be different to your own & sometimes new ideas align better with your thoughts.  Take the opportunity to hear new ideas, think about them & sometimes change your mind.

New ideas can come from so many different places.
Photo by AbsolutVision on Unsplash

⭐️ Reflection

By thinking about ideas, seeking more information & reflecting – you can be part of a solution.  If you don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle, it is harder to fix.  Reflecting back to the person what has been said, as an example “that sounds like it left you confused (or angry / happy)…”

Be an active listener, it really will be a great skill & can be utilised in all aspects of your life.  Sometimes they just need to be heard & that is OK, too.

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I am incredibly passionate about food and its healing power – it is pretty amazing how what you eat affects how your body works! In fact, I was so fascinated, I went & got myself a degree in it – a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine). Now in all honesty I don’t eat or live a perfect lifestyle, nor will I ever pretend I do. Realistically I know you won’t be perfect either. And that’s OK. As a Clinical Nutritionist I focus on what we eat and how this has an impact on our health and wellness – everyday.

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