Digestive Enzymes

Huh, what are you talking about?  OK, your organs work together to make up your digestive system.  This system processes the food break down, so nutrients can be transported & absorbed, to make energy for growth & repair within the body.  It is digestive enzymes that help with the breakdown process so foods can be digested properly.  Keeping this in mind, it makes sense that if we are eating foods high in natural digestive enzymes it will help improve digestion.  Here are some foods where digestive enzymes occur.

😊 Pineapples

These contain bromelain, you may have even seen it as a supplement at the chemist.  Bromelain helps break down proteins into amino acids.

Pineapple, smells great, tastes great & good for you…winning!
Photo by Phoenix Han on Unsplash

😊 Papaya

Papain is the digestive enzyme in papaya.  Make sure to eat papaya either ripe or uncooked as high heat can destroy the enzyme.  Papain breaks down protein into building blocks, including amino acids.

😊 Mangoes

Mangoes contain amylase & this breaks down carbs from a starch (or complex carb) into sugars.  The amylase helps the mano ripen which is why it gets sweeter when ripe.

😊 Bananas

These contain two enzymes, amylases & glucosidases, which digest complex starches into easily absorbed sugars.  These are more active when the bananas start to ripen.

😊 Kiwi Fruit

Kiwi fruit contains the digestive enzyme actinidain, which helps with digestion of proteins.  Additionally, general consumption helps ease digestive symptoms like bloating & constipation.

😊 Ginger

This contains zingibain, a protease.  It helps food move faster through the digestive tract & boosts the body’s own production of digestive enzymes.  Pretty cool, right?

😊 Raw honey

This has a variety of digestive enzymes, including diastase, amylase, invertase & protease.  Be sure you are purchasing raw honey, which has not been exposed to high heat.  Why? Processed honeys have often been heated, destroying the digestive enzymes.

OK, there are several fermented foods which are also rich in digestive enzymes.  Just another reason to add some fermented foods into your diet.

😊 Sauerkraut

A fermented cabbage dish which is rich in loads of digestive enzymes & a probiotic!

😊 Miso

Made from soy beans & fermented with the fungi koji.  This adds lactases, lipases, proteases & amylases.

😊 Kimchi

Yup, another fermented dish however this is made from vegetables.  It is fermented with a bacteria of the Bacillus family which add enzymes, such as proteases, lipases & amylases.

😊 Kefir

You may have seen this at the Farmers Markets or the health food store, maybe even the supermarket.  It is a fermented milk drink that contains digestive enzymes such as lipases, proteases & lactases.  These break down fat, protein & lactose molecules.

Try adding any of these, or even a few of these into your diet to help with digestion & better gut health.  Your tummy will love you for it!

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Photo by Phoenix Han on Unsplash

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