Seriously, these are pretty delish, that peppery crunchiness is fabulous. But if they are too “bitey” for you, have you ever considered roasting them?

So many colours to choose from, it makes my nutritionist heart sing!
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First, some quick facts about radishes:

🔎 They are a root vegetable, come in several different colours & are related to cabbages.

🔎 Great source of vitamin C & the red skinned ones are super high in silica.

🔎 They are antibacterial & antifungal, as well as rich in antioxidants.

🔎 Radishes contain the phytochemical, indole, which promotes detoxification – seriously, your liver & kidneys love these little guys.

So, roasting radishes? I often chuck some radishes in when I’m doing a tray of roast vege – if you have not tried, it is super delish.  Even if you are not a huge fan of radishes, seriously give this a try.  The baking brings out the sweetness but tones the peppery flavour down.  Honestly, even my non radish peeps are onboard with roasted radishes!

Roasted Garlic Radishes

Serves: 4


🍴 500g radishes, ends trimmed & halved

🍴 1tbsp. melted ghee or butter

🍴 Pinch of sea salt & grind of black pepper

🍴 Clove of garlic, minced

🍴 Fresh herbs, finely chopped THINK parsley, chives or dill


🍴 Preheat oven to 220C & line a baking tray.

🍴 Add radishes, melted butter/ghee, salt & pepper to baking tray, toss to combine.  Spread evenly on tray for the best results.

🍴 Bake for 20 minutes, toss half way through cooking.

🍴 Add in garlic & bake a further 5 minutes or until radishes are golden.

🍴 Remove from oven & toss in fresh herbs.


🍴 Fabulous hot but also great tossed through a salad when they have cooled.

How do you like to eat your radishes?

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📷 Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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