Springing into Day 4 of the Spring Restart Series.

Often when we think about health – diet & exercise are the first things that come to mind.  However, good health isn’t just about the physical – your body & mind are interconnected, & they can have a big impact (I’m talking huge).

Today’s tips are all about setting yourself up for success.

#1 Minimise distractions

Today, we are living in a culture that is often plugged in to work & social media 24/7.  People are regularly sitting down to meals with their fork in one hand & phone in the other.  It is very easy to shovel in a meal, whilst watching TV, scrolling social media, or on a computer.  Sound familiar?

Instead, focus on what you are doing – eat at the table & put the phones aside.  It will not only be better for your digestion, but it also allows you time to reconnect with loved ones over a meal & allows you to enjoy what you are eating.

It also means you are more likely to pay attention to when you are full.

#2 Set meaningful goals

We are all different & consequently we will have different goals.  If it motivates you to fit into your favourite pair of jeans again – great; if you want to be able to dance all night at your bestie’s wedding – fabulous, if you want to play tag with your grandkids – excellent.  You may have always wanted to hike a particular track or even run a marathon.  These are all great goals & if you know why you want to lose weight or get healthier – you are more likely to do it.

Whether you set yourself a series of short-term goals or have a single big one, both strategies are good if they work for you.

Set goals that work for YOU.
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#3 Shop smart

Shopping for me is a chore, it doesn’t light my fire but if I want to eat – well, it just must be done.  I like to have a game plan, & experience tells me if I don’t follow it – I will buy stuff that seems like a good idea at the time but really isn’t. 

🍎 Plan your meals & buy the ingredients you need.

🍎 Don’t shop hungry (honestly, this never ends well for me).

🍎 I get a lot of fruit & vege, so I try to shop seasonal & get local produce. The bonus, seasonal produce is usually cheaper!

🍎 Where possible I choose organic. Why? Because I eat the skins on a lot of produce & don’t need the extra chemicals.  Honestly, I can’t always afford organic, so if I need to make a priority choice, I google the Dirty Dozen to see what produce is the highest dozen foods for pesticide residues.  The Dirty Dozen for 2021 includes (in no particular order) strawberries, spinach, kale, nectarines, apples, grapes, cherries, peaches, pears, capsicums, celery & tomatoes. 

Interested to know more, peek at my socials.  I put posts up regularly about nutrition, easy recipes & some lifestyle info.  As a holistic health practitioner, I believe this all works together to make a happier, healthier you.

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I am incredibly passionate about food and its healing power – it is pretty amazing how what you eat affects how your body works! In fact, I was so fascinated, I went & got myself a degree in it – a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine). Now in all honesty I don’t eat or live a perfect lifestyle, nor will I ever pretend I do. Realistically I know you won’t be perfect either. And that’s OK. As a Clinical Nutritionist I focus on what we eat and how this has an impact on our health and wellness – everyday.

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