Your liver and your health

Your liver leads the charge in eliminating toxins from your body, it is an eradication powerhouse.  Often, we don’t help the liver to do its job for a multitude of reasons that are just happening in our regular everyday lives (THINK: poor diet, stress, medications, even chemicals & pesticides which are in our food chain). Continue reading “Your liver and your health”

Wrap up on the Spring Reset Series.

Yup, it’s the last day of my Spring Reset series & it finishes with 3 tips about exercise.  Regular exercise has so many positive benefits.  It can help reduce health risks such as heart disease & high blood pressure, but also relieves stress, boosts mood & improves sleep.  What is not to love? #1 WalkContinue reading “Wrap up on the Spring Reset Series.”

Day 6 & almost to the end of the Spring Reset series.

All of this is just general information which will assist with a healthier you by helping your body to work better. OK, some tips about getting real whilst you are on a healthy journey. #1 Don’t deprive yourself Truly, telling yourself you will never ever have your favourite foods again is unrealistic & will setContinue reading “Day 6 & almost to the end of the Spring Reset series.”

Springing into Day 4 of the Spring Restart Series.

Often when we think about health – diet & exercise are the first things that come to mind.  However, good health isn’t just about the physical – your body & mind are interconnected, & they can have a big impact (I’m talking huge). Today’s tips are all about setting yourself up for success. #1 MinimiseContinue reading “Springing into Day 4 of the Spring Restart Series.”