School Hols Again?

Teaching kids’ stuff in the kitchen is a great activity.  Realistically it is a necessary life skill, so getting them comfortable with smaller jobs in the kitchen is a great start.  Obviously, jobs need to be age appropriate & we aren’t talking gourmet chef kinda stuff. Help out regularly with: 💡 Washing fruit and vegeContinue reading “School Hols Again?”

Non-Sandwich Lunch Ideas

Lunchbox food is important.  Whether it is for a little person at school or someone bigger at work, it helps with the ability to concentrate.  It should be packed with the good stuff that fuels up the brain for the afternoon, sadly most processed packaged foods just don’t hit that goal. Why not sandwiches?  HonestlyContinue reading “Non-Sandwich Lunch Ideas”

School is back in session

Are you loosing the battle with motivation for lunchboxes?  Whether you are packing lunches for your munchkins or yourself – it is easy to get caught up in the same old lunch routine.  Mix it up & try something new. ⭐️ Vege quiches – try eggs, grated zucchini & carrot, with a grated cheese toppingContinue reading “School is back in session”

Scavenger Hunts

Today in the US it is national scavenger hunt day…pretty cool, huh?  These kept us entertained for hours growing up.  We loved them & they were easily added into a walks or camping trips, plus doable any time of the year, inside or out.  These can be great fun & are easily themed to suitContinue reading “Scavenger Hunts”

No commute time?

Are you working from home now?  No commute time & an extra couple of hours in your day?  Here are some ideas you may want to work on, whilst you have that unexpected free time. 💡 Prep & freeze some meals (great for when you are back at work). 💡 Write letters – love letters;Continue reading “No commute time?”

Pimping Smoothies

Smoothies taste great BUT did you realise they are also a great way to hide vegetables & other nutrient rich ingredients.   Yup, which means they can be a great option for your fussy eaters – be they little, big or in between. Base smoothie ingredients 🥛 Milk – whatever you like for me it isContinue reading “Pimping Smoothies”

Kids in the Kitchen.

Set aside some time, turn up the music & share some bonding time.  It can be fun for kids (big & little)  – it empowers them & teaches them independence. Honestly, a lot of food culture has been lost, as we don’t spend as much time in the kitchen with family.  Kids who help chooseContinue reading “Kids in the Kitchen.”

Stuck for Lunchbox Ideas?

Usually I try for a recipe in the first post of the month, however school is back in for 2020 & you may be looking for some lunchbox inspo.  Remember, these are also ideal for big people lunchboxes too! ✏️ Leftover meatballs, boiled eggs, chicken drumsticks.  Any of these proteins with some salad. 📚 PastaContinue reading “Stuck for Lunchbox Ideas?”

Kids & Vegies.

It is an age-old problem & it can be hard to deal with.  There have been millions of showdowns & tantrums due to vegie standoffs.  It seems even the best eaters will push the boundaries sometimes on foods they would eat yesterday but not today.  Yup, everyone has been there at some point.  Sometimes it’sContinue reading “Kids & Vegies.”

Get Moving!

Grab everyone in the family or a group of friends, get them all involved.  Combine fit & active activities for big people & little people -which everyone can enjoy & participate in.  The benefits are great – social skills (teamwork & fairness); & physical skills (co-ordination, spatial awareness & agility); plus, it burns off energyContinue reading “Get Moving!”