Goals…They Change!

Your goal 10years ago probably aren’t the same goals you have now.  Why?  Our lives change daily, sometimes stress makes it difficult to focus but you can still work towards your current goals (yes, even in 2020).  Here is what keeps me on track for my much revised 2020 health & wellness goals because let’sContinue reading “Goals…They Change!”

Be an Active Listener

We have all been in those convos where the other person was listening but not really listening.  To be an active listener is an amazing skill, which everyone can gain BUT it does take time, energy & practice. Need some tips? ⭐️ Be present I know it sounds incredibly easy, but you need to payContinue reading “Be an Active Listener”

Self-care tips

Yup, it is a super important skill to add into your life.  Sometimes however it can also look very practical as you set up your future self with some practical kindness. Let me put it another way – reading a book or eating chocolate all day, isn’t going to help you out when you haven’tContinue reading “Self-care tips”

New Habits

OK, this year hasn’t really gone to plan (but I don’t think I’m alone with that).  So, I’m using the new financial year, as a new year.  I have been reading up on new habits & making them stick.  Here is the best advice I found. Make it Easy I am going to focus onContinue reading “New Habits”


I find snacks can be very problematic for many people.  I like to have some go-to-snacks stashed in my bag – often when I want them, it is for an energy boost.  If I’m prepared it’s fine, but & I’ll be honest – bad choices can be made if I’m “hangry”. It doesn’t have toContinue reading “Snacks”

Automatic Answers

Often people ask a question & we automatically give the standard reply of “I’m well” or “I’m good”.  I’ve started to try & ask different questions which require a bit of thinking rather than an automatic response. Today I tried out “What is something interesting you have done today?” Oh, I find it particularly goodContinue reading “Automatic Answers”


I saw a FB post recently & it made me pause to think about a few things.  Sadly, we are more limited during this covid-19 time, however there are many communication channels open to us…phone, skype, messaging to name just a few. People can be doing so many things right, eating the good stuff, sleepingContinue reading “Community”

No commute time?

Are you working from home now?  No commute time & an extra couple of hours in your day?  Here are some ideas you may want to work on, whilst you have that unexpected free time. 💡 Prep & freeze some meals (great for when you are back at work). 💡 Write letters – love letters;Continue reading “No commute time?”


Sometimes it’s the small choices which affect the bigger choices.  It’s not always a complex change but it can end up being an ‘always’ change. It is that incidental movement which keeps us moving, helping our circulation, supporting detoxification paths, & assisting our fat burning metabolism. Small choices can include using the stairs rather thanContinue reading “Choices”

Corona Virus & Anxiety

OK, honestly Corona virus to keeping people on edge – globally.  The bottom line is some people are more susceptible to it; others are just anxious; & a few it will just pass by. Don’t panic! Panic spreads faster than the actual virus.  Keep up hygiene levels for yourself, around any food prep & beContinue reading “Corona Virus & Anxiety”