Gut Problems?

Your gut microbiome; has a huge, not to mention diverse, community in it.  I’m talking trillions.  You have bacteria & fungi (yup everyone does, don’t sweat it) that are everywhere, seriously EVERY nook & cranny.  This microbiome really drives how your body works – metabolism, immune, mental health, even your appetite.  Even more interesting isContinue reading “Gut Problems?”

Gut Bugs

These little fellas play a BIG role in your gut health, which in turn influences how you’re feeling.  Yeah, I’m looking at you, anxiety & low mood.  Good gut bugs will assist your body with digestion & absorption of nutrients, as well rally your immune system.  Honestly, what you choose to eat impacts on yourContinue reading “Gut Bugs”

Digestive Enzymes?

Why do we need digestive enzymes? Your digestive system is made up of many organs.  In other words, it takes a lot of teamwork to break down the food & liquids you consume into proteins, carbohydrates, fats & vitamins.  Once they are broken down, they are then transported across the small intestine & into yourContinue reading “Digestive Enzymes?”

The Gut Brain Axis

There is SO much emerging information about this & just how important it is.  I found this article about gut brain health & boy is it interesting.  Yeah it is a bit “science-y” in places but it links ideas you may not have given thought to.  It mentions the gut’s microbiome’s links with major depressiveContinue reading “The Gut Brain Axis”