What can I expect in my first consultation?

The first consultation is all about fact finding and there will be a lot of questions, including some you may have been asked before by other health professionals.  It is a review of your health history, any medications you are currently taking, any diagnosed conditions and/or symptoms you are currently experiencing.  Also, if you are taking any medications and/or supplements (yup, even the natural ones) – either bring a list or take a picture of their labels.  Should you have any recent blood tests (within 3 months) please bring them along, BUT do not be concerned if you don’t have access to them.

At the end of the consultation:

  • You may have a few simple modifications to make regarding your current nutrition or lifestyle routine.
  • Possibly you will be asked to keep a detailed food and symptom diary for a couple of weeks; perhaps follow a basic protocol; or possibly be given some habit suggestions to include into your routine. Potentially there may be recommendations for nutraceuticals supplements.  These are an additional cost to the consult.

What happens in a follow up or subsequent consultations?

These consultations are all about review. 

It can look like:

  • Asking about how you are feeling on your health journey, so far.
  • Checking on how successful any implementations or modifications have been.  This can include tweaking (THINK add ins/reduction/changes) or sometimes other suggestions to better suit you and your lifestyle.
  • A review of your food /symptom diary.
  • Provide any referrals, if necessary, for additional blood tests or to other health professionals. Potentially, the Metabolic Balance program maybe recommended.

What to bring to a consult?

  • Copies of recent blood test results (within 3 months) IF you have them available to you.  These can help, as they are extra pieces of your health puzzle.
  • Any recent test results, such as colonoscopies.  Why?  When you are talking about issues, it can be easy to overlook other issues which may or may not seem relevant.
  • If you are taking medications or supplements (yup, even the natural ones), we need to know.  Either bring in a list of medications and/or supplements; or take a picture on your phone of the bottle.  Why?  We want to ensure nothing we recommend is contraindicated with your current medications and/or supplements.

Weight Loss

If your goal is to return to a healthy weight range.  We will most likely recommend Metabolic Balance program for you.  This is a safe and effective way to return to a healthy weight range and a program we work within ourselves.  You will still need to book an initial consultation to assess your suitability for the program. Typically, run over a period of 12 weeks (3 months).  Often other symptoms also improve, even in chronic health conditions, as your body is rebalancing itself.  Your whole metabolic system is in action to restore health, minimise inflammation and rebalance your hormones.  Often weight is released as part of the process.

Why do I need to pay for my consultation prior?

Put simply: each consultation that is cancelled at the last minute is a time slot that another client could have used.  The booking deposit is refundable provided you advise with 48 hours notice for any changes or cancellations.  The booking fee is deducted from the bill at the end of your consultation – you will just pay the balance.

Can I cancel / reschedule my appointment?

We get it.  Life happens.  It is inevitable that sometimes adjustments need to be made to our commitments.  Rescheduling or cancelling your appointment is as rebooking online, calling or sending through notification via the contact page or email address.  Refunds can be arranged if cancellations are done in a timely manner.

Please be aware any cancellations without 48hours notice or ‘no show’ for appointment on the day will incur the full consultation cost

Can you order blood tests?

Yes, if needed and necessary blood tests can be ordered.  However, these are not covered by Medicare and will be at your own expense.

Are you the same as a dietitian?

Short answer, no.  Nutrition is very much evidence based but it does have a holistic aspect.  This means we will look at physical, mental and spiritual health.  Consequently, these are all considerations within any treatment plans.

A dietitian will base recommendations on current Australian guidelines or Australian government recommendations.  As nutritionists we believe that every person is an individual and as such, individual nutrition will vary depending on a variety of things in your lives – physical activity levels, genetics, ethnicity, even disease state.  Subsequently, we may make different recommendations or treatment plans as we try to find the root cause of the issue. 

Dietitians and good Nutritionists both hold Bachelor of Health Science degrees; we just have different approaches to solving the puzzle.

What is the difference between a nutritionist and naturopath?

Nutritionists generally only work with nutritional medicine via vitamins, minerals and nutraceuticals.   Changes are prioritised through diet.  However, a naturopath may use herbal medicines as a first choice, to accomplish the same goal. 

Traditionally, nutritionists and naturopath consults are quite similar.  They can both advise treatment plans with a focus on nutrition, lifestyle and supplements.  It is the tools used to influence change which is the difference.  Nutritionists choosing food, whilst naturopaths can optionally choose herbs or food to achieve the same goals.

What are your qualifications?

  • Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine)
  • ATMS – Australian Traditional Medicine Society (member 2020)
  • Certified Metabolic Balance practitioner

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