Non-Sandwich Lunch Ideas

Lunchbox food is important.  Whether it is for a little person at school or someone bigger at work, it helps with the ability to concentrate.  It should be packed with the good stuff that fuels up the brain for the afternoon, sadly most processed packaged foods just don’t hit that goal. Why not sandwiches?  HonestlyContinue reading “Non-Sandwich Lunch Ideas”

Processed foods.

I totally understand “the less processed the better” philosophy is fabulous.  However, in practical terms, monetary restraints & let’s face it the time factor, can make it a hard philosophy to embrace. Here are some ideas, to try and make it more achievable.  The goal is cutting out ultra processed stuff, aiming for whole foodsContinue reading “Processed foods.”

Night Shift

Night shift.  Call it what you like – moonies, graveyards, or dogwatch; the bottom line is that often shift workers have similar complaints including lack of sleep; increased risk of mental health & cardiovascular issues; as well as digestive complaints.  It is the disruption of your metabolism & circadian rhythms causing your body grief. IContinue reading “Night Shift”

Healthy Eating by Wednesday?

New week, great intentions to cook/eat healthy but come Wednesday things have fallen into a heap & you are back to old habits.  Does this sound familiar? I get it!  For me the secret is prepping & batch cooking.  We know home cooked meals are generally healthier, but things happen – you get busy, kidsContinue reading “Healthy Eating by Wednesday?”

Stuck for Lunchbox Ideas?

Usually I try for a recipe in the first post of the month, however school is back in for 2020 & you may be looking for some lunchbox inspo.  Remember, these are also ideal for big people lunchboxes too! ✏️ Leftover meatballs, boiled eggs, chicken drumsticks.  Any of these proteins with some salad. 📚 PastaContinue reading “Stuck for Lunchbox Ideas?”

Meal prep like a boss!

I love it – it can be a game changer!  It makes a huge difference to the week, mealtimes run smoother, saves you time and money plus gives you heaps of healthy choices.  What is not to love? Some stuff I prep up for the week: ➡ A tray of roasted vege – add toContinue reading “Meal prep like a boss!”