Want to start a scrap garden?

Groceries can be a big-ticket item in the household & it is unlikely that will change – as we all need to eat.  Have you thought about using vege scraps from your regular every day?  A lot of commonly used vege can be used to start your own vegie plot (big or small, balcony orContinue reading “Want to start a scrap garden?”

Stocking the pantry

For me a well-stocked pantry equals less overwhelm, yummier meals & a more relaxed me.  By the way, this was not actually written with COVID19 in mind, but it will probably also assist in making life a little easier as you can streamline the pantry. It is how I try to operate my pantry soContinue reading “Stocking the pantry”

Easter break

For my crew, this usually involves a family catch up at some point during the break.  A cheese board is always a hit with young & old at our place.  Sadly it will be a much smaller affair this year, with in house peeps only. 🍴 Need some tips? OK, the basics – a boardContinue reading “Easter break”

Kids & Vegies.

It is an age-old problem & it can be hard to deal with.  There have been millions of showdowns & tantrums due to vegie standoffs.  It seems even the best eaters will push the boundaries sometimes on foods they would eat yesterday but not today.  Yup, everyone has been there at some point.  Sometimes it’sContinue reading “Kids & Vegies.”

Love this idea

What a great way to start the new year! A celebration of the year to read just before 2021 starts…wow! Each January start with an empty jar.  Photo by Milan Popovic on Unsplash Each week add a note with something good which has happened during the week.  On New Year’s Eve 2021, empty the jarContinue reading “Love this idea”

Self Care Sunday

Everyone is so busy!  Whether it be for work, with children, or other people – there is a lot going on – especially this time of year!  When you are constantly on the go, it is super easy to burn out. Remember to look after yourself, even if this means saying no to things.  TheContinue reading “Self Care Sunday”


It’s beginning to hit that time of year, where you need to take a plate somewhere – Christmas parties, team breakups, staff meetings, birthdays or just morning tea for the team.  Try taking a platter just to mix it up a bit with some variety. Add some healthy options to your platter. 🍍 Fruit platterContinue reading “Platters”