Want to start a scrap garden?

Groceries can be a big-ticket item in the household & it is unlikely that will change – as we all need to eat.  Have you thought about using vege scraps from your regular every day?  A lot of commonly used vege can be used to start your own vegie plot (big or small, balcony orContinue reading “Want to start a scrap garden?”


Whether it is a day trip, or a business trip – you don’t always have access to your kitchen.  You need to keep yourself healthy, so what do you choose? Choose real food Sometimes this requires a bit of homework before the trip.  Supermarkets have a few options now such as prepared salads; or vegiesContinue reading “Travelling”

Easter break

For my crew, this usually involves a family catch up at some point during the break.  A cheese board is always a hit with young & old at our place.  Sadly it will be a much smaller affair this year, with in house peeps only. 🍴 Need some tips? OK, the basics – a boardContinue reading “Easter break”


Sometimes it’s the small choices which affect the bigger choices.  It’s not always a complex change but it can end up being an ‘always’ change. It is that incidental movement which keeps us moving, helping our circulation, supporting detoxification paths, & assisting our fat burning metabolism. Small choices can include using the stairs rather thanContinue reading “Choices”

Corona Virus & Anxiety

OK, honestly Corona virus to keeping people on edge – globally.  The bottom line is some people are more susceptible to it; others are just anxious; & a few it will just pass by. Don’t panic! Panic spreads faster than the actual virus.  Keep up hygiene levels for yourself, around any food prep & beContinue reading “Corona Virus & Anxiety”

Night Shift

Night shift.  Call it what you like – moonies, graveyards, or dogwatch; the bottom line is that often shift workers have similar complaints including lack of sleep; increased risk of mental health & cardiovascular issues; as well as digestive complaints.  It is the disruption of your metabolism & circadian rhythms causing your body grief. IContinue reading “Night Shift”

Happy Healthy Skin

Beautiful glowing skin. In the aftermath of the overindulgence of Christmas & welcoming in 2020, getting back into work mode & navigating this hot summer – well, skin often falls to the bottom of the priority list. Some tips for you.  I know if I do these I find my skin is very happy! ☺️Continue reading “Happy Healthy Skin”

Stuck for Lunchbox Ideas?

Usually I try for a recipe in the first post of the month, however school is back in for 2020 & you may be looking for some lunchbox inspo.  Remember, these are also ideal for big people lunchboxes too! ✏️ Leftover meatballs, boiled eggs, chicken drumsticks.  Any of these proteins with some salad. 📚 PastaContinue reading “Stuck for Lunchbox Ideas?”

Get Moving!

Grab everyone in the family or a group of friends, get them all involved.  Combine fit & active activities for big people & little people -which everyone can enjoy & participate in.  The benefits are great – social skills (teamwork & fairness); & physical skills (co-ordination, spatial awareness & agility); plus, it burns off energyContinue reading “Get Moving!”

Add a Little Self Care to 2020

Honestly – it is super easy to get caught up in the season & the holidays.  Make sure you take time to look after yourself emotionally, mentally & physically.  It can be easy to forget yourself when you are engaged with so many other things – too busy to stop, too busy to just doContinue reading “Add a Little Self Care to 2020”