Food & Mood

There is so much can be done through good food choices plus there is further research being done to get more information on this topic.  It is kind of obvious that your body & brain are interconnected, so it makes sense that what you eat can & will impact your brain.  Anxiety will impact prettyContinue reading “Food & Mood”

Is there a link between anxiety and food?

When your nervous system is under pressure – your body responds with a switch to fight or flight mode.  Whilst some stress is normal, a prolonged state of high-level stress is not.  It will push your body into overdrive & can actually increase how often you experience anxiety attacks.  Food choices can have an impactContinue reading “Is there a link between anxiety and food?”


A good night’s sleep is something to treasure.  However, often you don’t appreciate it until it’s just not happening.  Adults need, on average 7-8hours of sleep (& I am talking the restful stuff) each night. Hmm, need some tips? 😴 Create a routine you can stick to every day It should include a wind downContinue reading “Sleep”

Be an Active Listener

We have all been in those convos where the other person was listening but not really listening.  To be an active listener is an amazing skill, which everyone can gain BUT it does take time, energy & practice. Need some tips? ⭐️ Be present I know it sounds incredibly easy, but you need to payContinue reading “Be an Active Listener”

Self-care tips

Yup, it is a super important skill to add into your life.  Sometimes however it can also look very practical as you set up your future self with some practical kindness. Let me put it another way – reading a book or eating chocolate all day, isn’t going to help you out when you haven’tContinue reading “Self-care tips”

Language Warning!

It can be so easy to believe everyone has their life together – except you.  Social media is where everyone posts their highlight reels, so of course if looks like they have all their ducks lined up.  Truthfully, most of us feel we got a lot to do/work on – & that’s OK. #MentalHealth #MindfulnessContinue reading “Language Warning!”

Feeling a Little Run Down?

Let’s face it this year has already presented A LOT of challenges.  I try hard to be my best but sometimes I begin to feel run down.  It happens to everyone.  I know often a little nutritional boost is needed to keep me well & prevent a burnout. My go to’s: Bone Broth You mayContinue reading “Feeling a Little Run Down?”

Automatic Answers

Often people ask a question & we automatically give the standard reply of “I’m well” or “I’m good”.  I’ve started to try & ask different questions which require a bit of thinking rather than an automatic response. Today I tried out “What is something interesting you have done today?” Oh, I find it particularly goodContinue reading “Automatic Answers”


I saw a FB post recently & it made me pause to think about a few things.  Sadly, we are more limited during this covid-19 time, however there are many communication channels open to us…phone, skype, messaging to name just a few. People can be doing so many things right, eating the good stuff, sleepingContinue reading “Community”

Self-Care, a Project and Some Privacy.

It’s a bit crazy, but the reality is this different period of life for everyone.  Yup, some is easy to deal & controllable, but not all.  For sure, it is a different period of time & not your choice – but it is what we have been dealt to deal with.  Honestly, I’ve read someContinue reading “Self-Care, a Project and Some Privacy.”