Let’s talk about your liver

Ok, so you’ve heard of it – but what does your liver actually do? 🤷‍♀️  It leads the charge in eliminating toxins from your body, it is a powerhouse. Often we don’t help the liver to do its job for a multitude of reasons (THINK poor diet, stress, medications, even chemicals & pesticides which areContinue reading “Let’s talk about your liver”

Happy Healthy Skin

Beautiful glowing skin. In the aftermath of the overindulgence of Christmas & welcoming in 2020, getting back into work mode & navigating this hot summer – well, skin often falls to the bottom of the priority list. Some tips for you.  I know if I do these I find my skin is very happy! ☺️Continue reading “Happy Healthy Skin”

Digestive Enzymes?

Why do we need digestive enzymes? Your digestive system is made up of many organs.  In other words, it takes a lot of teamwork to break down the food & liquids you consume into proteins, carbohydrates, fats & vitamins.  Once they are broken down, they are then transported across the small intestine & into yourContinue reading “Digestive Enzymes?”

Get Moving!

Grab everyone in the family or a group of friends, get them all involved.  Combine fit & active activities for big people & little people -which everyone can enjoy & participate in.  The benefits are great – social skills (teamwork & fairness); & physical skills (co-ordination, spatial awareness & agility); plus, it burns off energyContinue reading “Get Moving!”

The Gut Brain Axis

There is SO much emerging information about this & just how important it is.  I found this article about gut brain health & boy is it interesting.  Yeah it is a bit “science-y” in places but it links ideas you may not have given thought to.  It mentions the gut’s microbiome’s links with major depressiveContinue reading “The Gut Brain Axis”

Cod Liver Oil – Why?

Honesty, it is pretty darn good for you! Here are some reasons why you should be taking it every day – (apparently Nana was on the money with this home remedy – it’s gold!) 👉🏼 It has naturally occurring vitamin A & D, & LOTS of it!  Choosing a natural source means your body absorbs,Continue reading “Cod Liver Oil – Why?”

Water in Winter

The temptation is so high for a coffee…sigh!  I know there should be more water being consumed, but the ritual, the smell, the taste – it’s just so damn nice.  We should be drinking approximately 2 litres a day – but it can be hard when the weather is cooler. In order to try getContinue reading “Water in Winter”

Self-care 101

As I head into my last semester of Uni, I want to make sure I look after myself, so I don’t burn out.  To do this I’ve scheduled some regular days (well half days actually) into my diary – so I can recharge the batteries.  Whether it be getting some sunshine and reading a book,Continue reading “Self-care 101”