Goals…They Change!

Your goal 10years ago probably aren’t the same goals you have now.  Why?  Our lives change daily, sometimes stress makes it difficult to focus but you can still work towards your current goals (yes, even in 2020).  Here is what keeps me on track for my much revised 2020 health & wellness goals because let’sContinue reading “Goals…They Change!”

New Habits

OK, this year hasn’t really gone to plan (but I don’t think I’m alone with that).  So, I’m using the new financial year, as a new year.  I have been reading up on new habits & making them stick.  Here is the best advice I found. Make it Easy I am going to focus onContinue reading “New Habits”

Improving Mental Health at Work.

Honestly, we spend so much of our time at work, it really is a huge part of our lives.  With this in mind, it is good to do a self-check regularly regarding stress & productivity levels.  Sometimes it is just a few changes to make a difference to feeling happier at work. Achievable goals. OK,Continue reading “Improving Mental Health at Work.”

Healthy Eating by Wednesday?

New week, great intentions to cook/eat healthy but come Wednesday things have fallen into a heap & you are back to old habits.  Does this sound familiar? I get it!  For me the secret is prepping & batch cooking.  We know home cooked meals are generally healthier, but things happen – you get busy, kidsContinue reading “Healthy Eating by Wednesday?”

Kids & Vegies.

It is an age-old problem & it can be hard to deal with.  There have been millions of showdowns & tantrums due to vegie standoffs.  It seems even the best eaters will push the boundaries sometimes on foods they would eat yesterday but not today.  Yup, everyone has been there at some point.  Sometimes it’sContinue reading “Kids & Vegies.”

Holidays over?

Arggghh!  First day back after a public holiday is tough – absolutely no doubt about it. Make sure you: Drink plenty of water, stay hydrated Go for a walk on your break, get some fresh air Check in with a colleague, not everyone enjoys the Christmas season #smallsteps #motivation #candothis #mentalhealth #movingforward #wellness #consciouslynutritious