Food labels – confused?!

There is so much variety available in the supermarket aisles now.  It is because there is so much to look at that it becomes overwhelming.  Here is a breakdown of what is on the box (so to speak). Hmm, the nutrition panel… Should you look at the nutrition panel with its micro & macromineral breakups? Continue reading “Food labels – confused?!”

Easy Nicoise Salad

A big family fav, in our house (in fact it hits a high rotation status pretty quick in the warmer months).  Light enough for summer but hearty enough to fill you up. Easy Nicoise Salad Serves 6 Categories: Gluten free Dairy free Vegetarian Keto Paleo Mediterranean focus Ingredients: 125g green beans 1 tbsp. capers, choppedContinue reading “Easy Nicoise Salad”

A rainbow on your plate

Sure, adding colour to meals will help you live a healthier life – but why?  It’s the colours, they contain phytonutrients.  These phytonutrient compounds give the plants their rich colours, particular smells & distinctive flavours.  Similarly, to how these things protect the plant’s by essentially strengthening their immune system, they do the same for us.Continue reading “A rainbow on your plate”

The vagus nerve

Huh, the what?  The vagus nerve is the major nerve between the brain & gut – the main highway if you like for the gut-brain axis. It’s the queen of the parasympathetic nervous system (AKA your internal rest & digest, or if you prefer your chill out system, use whatever description works for you).  Yup,Continue reading “The vagus nerve”


As an almost but not quite degree qualified nutritionist, I know that eliminating sugar from your diet makes for a healthier & happier you. Reasons to give it up are plenty, but here are a few: 😊 Increases your energy & focus – goodbye 3pm slumps – whoo hoo! 😊 In a better moods, moreContinue reading “Sugar?!?”

Fermented Foods

OK, so what is the deal?  Throughout history, fermenting of foods happened in many areas and was used as a way to preserve produce so it was available during different seasons. Fine, but what is it?  A process of fermentation has occurred (basically the natural bacteria feeds on sugar and starches) which creates lactic acid. Continue reading “Fermented Foods”

Mental Health

Being healthy is a body & soul type of deal.  You can’t always see what is happening in someone’s life or how they are feeling.  Something which is often overlooked is what we eat.  That said, it can easily be summed up with the phrase “rubbish in rubbish out!” I have attached an article aboutContinue reading “Mental Health”

Vegies and body parts…

I had a fabulous conversation with my niece, Miss 7, about how different vegetables are good for different body parts.  The funny part was sometimes the vegies looked like the body part – other times it took some imagine but it was a good convo. Here is the low down on our vegie discussion. CarrotsContinue reading “Vegies and body parts…”

Water in Winter

The temptation is so high for a coffee…sigh!  I know there should be more water being consumed, but the ritual, the smell, the taste – it’s just so damn nice.  We should be drinking approximately 2 litres a day – but it can be hard when the weather is cooler. In order to try getContinue reading “Water in Winter”